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A design solution for every problem.

We believe that each problem is unique. Our customized service will help you solve your problems in the best possible way. Work with us and experience it for yourself.

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Web Design

The future is mobile, and the future is now. That’s why all our web designs are mobile friendly to cater to this key demographic. Similarly the audience of today’s media saturated world demand striking and unique content, which is why we don’t use pre-made templates but rather customised each solution to your individual needs

Retail Management

Graphic Design

Variety is the spice of life. Here at Studio Salad you won’t find a few well worn designs stretching to fill your disparate needs. We hire a variety of artists to craft a unique look for your marketing campaign.

Retail Management

Brand Identity

A strong brand identity differentiates your business, makes it stand out in the crowd. We believe in unique designs to help create a strong identity (Just take a look at our name cards!). We can help you transform your branding by creating graphics, names cards, and other corporate design.

Retail Management

Exhibition Services

We provide a one stop solution house for your exhibition needs. We will handle everything from the design of your banners and structures to their actual printing and construction. Let us revitalise your exhibition presence today.

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Interactive Media Design

Touch is the new click, and interactive media is the new wave of marketing. We at Studio Salad pride ourselves on exploring fresh new frontiers of media. Let us help you engage your audience with a new and engaging form of media.

Looking for inspiration? Companies have worked with us to create stunning designs to captivate their audience.

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