About Us

"The Visual Experience Specialists"
Studio Salad

Sight is a powerful attractor, and creative well-crafted visual experiences will always leave a deep unforgettable impression.

At Studio Salad, we believe that memorable visual experiences are the means to get customers to remember you. Whether it’s a product, a service or even an idea, strong unique visuals will go a long way towards making a memorable impression. That’s why we hire a variety of artists, to better tailor a unique solution for your marketing needs.


Partnering with Mopix Screens, the leading purveyor of Full-HD, high brightness-gain visual projection screens, we have added a new dimension to our services. These screens allow us to showcase your designs on large areas which will definitely attract attention. A masterpiece deserves a worthy canvas and with this partnership we believe that we will be able to take your audiences on a unique visual journey they will never forget.

Let us help solve your problems with our Visual Experience Solutions! Make your audience remember you with our customized solutions.

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